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Justin Mool

Justin brings with him over six years of copywriting and online marketing experience.  Previous to founding Discern Marketing, he was a content manager with one of the Web’s premier etailers, Backcountry.com.

When he’s not in front of a computer, Justin lives to get outside. In summer, you’ll find him climbing steep single track on his mountain bike, camping in the middle of no where, or ruining his knees on the soccer pitch. During the colder months, the snow calls his name. He finds his peace in the solitude of backcountry skiing.

Justin has traveled all over the world from Germany to Bali, Peru to China. After spending the last five years in Salt Lake City, he now resides in Burlington, Vermont, where his partner is completing her pediatrics residency at Fletcher Allen Hospital.

Recommendation on LinkedIn from Frederick Lucies, Content Manager, Backcountry.com:

Working with Justin at backcountry.com, I experienced the best working relationship I’ve had in my 26 years managing people and Editorial Production. Justin was Copy Manager with me for roughly a year and a half. He is competent, energetic, digs in deeply to learn new things, and always goes well-beyond the call of duty. In addition to those skills and qualities, he is one of the finest human beings I have met in my corporate career. Justin provided a kind of leadership in which a great balance of respect for people and getting the business needs met was always present. He is adept at motivating a team. I have always believed that a healthy department has a healthy amount of discussion and even disagreement. It always leads to more thorough analysis and a better outcome. Justin and I were able to disagree and still have profound respect for each other’s viewpoints. This dynamic always benefits the department and, ultimately the business itself. Lest I go on too long, let me add that Justin is innovative, a superb writer with strong skills in creating a brand voice, writing compelling web copy, and supporting SEO. I would recommend Justin. unequivocally and without reservation, for any position or activity with leadership and editorial responsibilities.

– Fred Lucies November 10, 2009

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