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About Discern Marketing

Discern Marketing, Inc helps small businesses, independent professionals, and non-profit organizations improve their SEO strategies and content management systems.  The company was founded by Justin Mool, who recognized that many small businesses in the Burlington, VT area needed help with SEO and content management.  While Discern Marketing is based in Burlington, it does business with companies across the country, from California to Michigan to Vermont.

Discern Marketing is committed to giving do-it-yourself business owners the tools and knowledge they need to get started on improving their Web presence.

Our Mission

To empower small businesses, independent professionals, and non-profits with the skills and tools to increase their Web presence and create content that makes a connection with their customers and clients.

  • Discern Marketing uses search-optimized content to help your business increase click-thru rates, improve traffic, bolster sales, and make a meaningful connection with your customers and clients.
  • Our Content Management Services help you take control over your content, and organize it so it’s easy to navigate and intuitive for your users.
  • By creating sustained Web traffic, our SEO content services increase online impressions and ultimately increase revenue for your business.
  • Our SEO copywriters develop engaging, relevant, and well-written content that is tailored to your company’s voice and brand strategy.
  • We demystify SEO and provide the knowledge and tools you need to develop a robust online marketing strategy.
  • Our consensus communication style actively seeks your input to determine the right content strategy for your business.
  • We specialize in using WordPress as a Content Management System, and can quickly move your existing site to a platform you can manage on your own.