How to Insert a Youtube Video into a WordPress Post or Page

Having trouble inserting that video? No worries. It’s not so hard. Check out these tutorials, and then have a look at bottom for the examples. You can view the HTML of this post to see how it looks.

Quick and Easy: Insert Url Text

This first method is the easiest. Basically put the url on its own line. Important: make sure it’s not an active hyperlink.

  1. Scroll to where you want the video to go
  2. Hit enter – create a new line
  3. Paste the URL of the video
  4. add: – to make video the width of the column


For more info, check out this article from WordPress:

Old Method: Insert Embed Code from Youtube

If for some reason the simple method isn’t working, you can use the old method of inserting the Youtube embed code:

  1. Click over to the video in Youtube
  2. Click the “embed” buttom
  3. Make sure “use old embed code” is checked
  4. Adjust width to 560
  5. Copy code
  6. Go to HTML View
  7. Scroll to where you want the video
  8. Paste
  9. Go back to Visual View – you should see a yellow box

Vimeo – Simple Method

This method works exactly the same as Youtube.

Vimeo – Old Embed Code Method:

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